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Midwifery Internship in Gambia, Brikama -- Stage Sage-femme en Gambie, Brikama

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I’m back and in a good mood - last weekend wasn’t funny at all because of bad news I got from Belgium; my twin sister at the hospital and sick boyfriend, but everything is okey now!!! :)

This week was a very good one!!! Especially my nightshift! I got a lot of practical things to do for the first time and it felt so damn good! First of all, I love working at night here so this was already positive to start my week with haha! It is always exiting for me to come at the labor ward (here in Gambia)! On Monday around 1930 we, the other girls and I, eat all together at the Wi-Fi spot at the hospital food from the market. Then after we go to the labor ward, say hi to everyone and then get dressed. After I check the board to see what patients we have and who has to be examined. Then I check around and then sometimes we choose the patients we want to follow. I love follow my patients from the beginning. This means that they come, I introduce myself, ask her “yellow” paper (pregnancy book), check her details and then explain them what I’m going to do: take her vitals (BP, P, T°), check the heartbeat of the baby and do a vaginal examination. Then on the basis of the results I start a ‘document’ (Early Labor / Partograph) for them. The partograph is started from 4cm VE. If the VE (vaginal examination) is under 8cm then the next exam is in 4 hours. When 8cm and more, the next exam is every 2 hours. In Belgium is a vaginal examination every 2 hours. I think the Gambian method is better because there is no need of unnecessary non pleasant VE. Most of the woman in labor don’t like it... Then I follow my patients and do a massage in the back when they want it etc etc. Thill they are fully (10 cm). I prepare everything for the labor; delivery set, oxytocin, the cord clamp, wrappers for the baby and a bucket  for the placenta. I then take my sterile gloves on and let’s do this!

I did two deliveries on Monday. For the first one I got to put an epis (episiotomy) because the perineum wasn’t big enough so that the head of the baby could pass easily. And theeennn I got to do the suture. To be honest I was kind of nervous because that was my first time doing that! But the girls, Eveline and Nikita, where there to guide me! I was so happy! And my next delivery, even if my perineum support was good enough, the patient got a little tear. So it also had to be sutured! Tuesday, I had one delivery (meeeeh) and it went very well and quickly too, without ears or a tear. Wednesday I have to make my delivery 40st!!!! It also has very good and very fast whaa! But it was a gravida 9, 8 parity (9th pregnancy), so that's normal. So I had no other deliveries that night! My last (42nd) delivery tonight was fine! And it was a BREECH !!! So what happened is that the baby was normal patient lying came.
When I was doing the Leopold handles to hear the baby's heart (sounds) with a doptone, I noticed that the head of the baby wasn't down. And the mom, she was already full with a lot of heavy contractions so she started pushing. I prepared everything quickly and I was again  ready for another one!! :D Midwife Neneh was also fast there to assist me and she let me do the delivery (yyeeeey !!!). I had practiced this case on several occasions for my exam and stuff so it went well and quickly - the arms and head weren't stabbed. Baby girl was born 10/3 at 06:15 am and weighed 2.4 kg. Despite this was a quick delivery (I had no time to do an epis), there was a small tear (grade 2). I thought it was bad for her because she looked so happy after her birth, and I had to explain that she has a tear and had to be stitched. She then said "No problem, it's your job." I explained everything I was about to do and use and I aslo reassured her.

This patient was really cute! She was so curious, what she said herself from the beginning, and so friendly! She said a thousand times abaraka (thank you) and gave me a lot of compliments. Secretly, she also asked if I was Docter me that so I wanted answers but neeh but not hahahha – I was then feeling myself haha). I felt really honored and felt that we had created a special bond, you know when you feel good and to a certain person, well that’s what I had that moment, even with her mom! She also received a small gift from Belgium for the baby - a packet (which was a bit too big for her) that was given by my "second" mom Ingrid for newborns here. The mom (and grand ma!)  was very happy - Thanks again Ingrid !!! :D

This was a very good week and I can’t wait for my other weeks! I hope you enjoy my blogposts about my internship as I do enjoy my experiences here. I wish I could do an outfit post but I will try (!!!) to do one. I’m also planning to talk about the food, the nature and other interesting things from here on my next posts so stay tuned alright. Ooh yeah, I was on a horse yesterday on the beach. You can check my Instagram for a video! Anyways – laterz!

Motivation of the week: “What do you have in your hand that you can use to be a blessing to someone else? “ - think about it, besos! :)

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