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MY CURRENT INSPIRATION from other bloggers I MON INSPIRATION ACTUELLE d'autres blogueuses

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IMG 6520bw20Your job is to be yourself. Some people will like you and some won't but there's really nothing you can do about the preferences of other people. What you can do is be your genuine self! What you can do is live, work, speak and act according to what's important to you, not worried in the least about what others might think. 
You are unique, valuable and worthy of a great life. BE YOURSELF, give your special gifts sincerely to life and enjoy the beautiful experience of living as THE REAL PERSON YOU ARE...

Votre travail est d'être soi-même. Certaines personnes vous aimerons et d'autres ne vous aimerons pas, mais il n'y a vraiment rien que vous pouvez faire sur les préférences des autres personnes. Ce que vous pouvez faire est de vivre, travailler, parler et agir en fonction de ce qui est important pour vous et de ne pas s'inquieter de ce que les autres pourraient penser. 
Vous êtes unique, précieux et digne d'une grande vie. Profitez de cette belle expérience de vivre comme le véritable personne que vous êtes ...

Choose your experience

on Wednesday, 05 August 2015. Posted in Positive energy

By Ralph Marston

Today you can choose your experience. So what would you like to choose?

What if you could make today the most positive, productive, empowering and fulfilling day you’ve ever known? The beautiful truth is, you can. Experience life on your own terms, true to your highest standards, no matter what may be happening around you. Remember always that you are free to choose how to experience life, and free to choose what to make of it.
Choose to experience the beauty, the opportunities, the love and the most empowering possibilities. Imagine your ideal life, and choose to experience, right now, today, the best of what you imagine.


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on Wednesday, 05 August 2015. Posted in Inspiration, Positive energy

My current inspiration I Mon inspiration actuelle


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