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Top Black Belgium

on Thursday, 13 August 2015. Posted in Trips and events

Contest I Concours

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 Top Black Belgium is a contest to give the opportunity to a young black/mulatto woman, to give her chance in the fashion world in Belgium and the USA. She will be offered a trip to New York with a professional Portofolio, to deposit it in various agencies, offered by Ezra Sierra Photographer. In addition, the winner will have the privilege of being the face of Qei+ Brussels for a year !!

~~ Top Black Belgium est un concours afin de donner l'opportunité à une jeune femme noire, métisse, de tenter sa chance dans le monde de la mode en Belgique et aux USA. Un voyage lui sera offerte en destination de New York avec un book photo professionnel offert par Ezra Sierra Photographer, afin de le déposer dans divers agences. De plus, la gagnante aura le privilège d'être l'égérie de Qei+ Bruxelles pendant une année!

Choose your experience

on Wednesday, 05 August 2015. Posted in Positive energy

By Ralph Marston

Today you can choose your experience. So what would you like to choose?

What if you could make today the most positive, productive, empowering and fulfilling day you’ve ever known? The beautiful truth is, you can. Experience life on your own terms, true to your highest standards, no matter what may be happening around you. Remember always that you are free to choose how to experience life, and free to choose what to make of it.
Choose to experience the beauty, the opportunities, the love and the most empowering possibilities. Imagine your ideal life, and choose to experience, right now, today, the best of what you imagine.


Inspo 1

on Wednesday, 05 August 2015. Posted in Inspiration, Positive energy

My current inspiration I Mon inspiration actuelle



on Monday, 27 July 2015. Posted in Personal Style

Tshirt BERSKHA I Jeans THRIFT STORE I Shoes ZARA I Necklace H&M


Noh am not in Japan! This are the streets from Brussels! People from Brussels could already guess and maybe that you saw me posing hehe héhé! These street shots are being a challenge for me but I'm getting comfortable! Some tourists were attracted and came to pose with me haha! I get exited when I think about the sooo many thing I wanna reach man ...! One day Emma, ONE DAY! :D
From my previous post I told you about my love for t-shirt, well here an other cool one from Berskha. Maxi old jeans because I'm not into sticky jeans/trousers haah! 

~~ Non ne suis pas au Japon! Ce sont les rues de Bruxelles ici! Les Bruxellois ont déjà deviner et peut-être que vous m'avez vu en posant héhé! Les séances de photo de rue sontvun défi pour moi mais je commence a être à l'aise et certains touristes ont été attirés et sont venu poser avec moi haha! Je deviens éxité quand je pense à tant de choses que je veux atteindre whaaa ... Et une de ces choses est de visiter Tokyo! Un jour, Emma, UN JOUR! :D

De mon post précédent, je vous ai parlé de mon amour pour les t-shirts! Voici un autre t-shirt de Berskha. Un vieux jeans maxi parce que je ne suis pas trop une kiffante de jans/pantalons collants haah!


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