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on Friday, 14 August 2015. Posted in Trips and events

Top Black Belgium I Contest - concours

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First of all how this all started was that I was invited by a friend to participate to a competition - so cool!  I wasn’t sure if I would do it  and finally I joined the competition to see how it all would go. I signed up at last minute and later I was invited to a casting. Together with my Niece Price ( this was on my Snapchat eyosunny) we went to the casting and it went smoothly and well AND very fast haha! Two days later I got a message telling me that I am accepted --- Whhooaatt whhooaatt!!
These pictures were taken by the talented photographer Ezra Sierra at our first meetup up aka briefing 1 . That day I got to meet the TBB team and the other beautiful girls who participate in this competition. Everything was explained , rules, the various groups, our missions, schedules for the shoots etc ... The final is on 19/09/2015 but I’ll keep you informed. So exiting ! About MY MISSION, I'll cover in the next post! And whhaa, when writing this I think of the likes I got on my Facebook page from my supporters and I THANK YOU so much! Am all blown away like for real, you guys are baaooombbb! Keep liking and sharing my Facebook Page to SUPPORT ME!

~~ Tout d'abord, comment tout cela a commencé était que je fus invité par un ami à participer à un concours! Je ne savais pas si je le ferais et finalement j’ai décidé d’y participer pour voir comment tout cela allait se passer. Je me suis inscrit à la dernière minute et, plus tard, je fus invité à un casting.  Avec ma nièce Price (ce qui était à voir sur mon Snapchat eyosunny), nous sommes allés au casting  et sa c’est bien passé  et très rapidement haha! Deux jours plus tard, j’ai reçu un message me disant que je suis accepté dans le concours --- Whhooaatt whhooaatt !!
Ces photos ont été prises par le le talentueux photographe Ezra Sierra à notre premier briefing. Ce jour-là, j’ai rencontrer l'équipe TBB et les autres belles filles qui participent à cette compétition. Tout a été expliqué, les règles, les différents groupes, nos missions, les horaires pour les shootings etc ...  aah this is exiting! À propos de ma mission, cela sera dans mon prochain post so stay  tuned yall! Lors que j’écris se post je pense au ‘jaime’ que j’ai reçu sur ma page Facebook et je vous reMERCIe beaucoup! :D Continuez a aimer et partager ma page pour ME SOUTENIR! 

Top Black Belgium

on Thursday, 13 August 2015. Posted in Trips and events

Contest I Concours

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 Top Black Belgium is a contest to give the opportunity to a young black/mulatto woman, to give her chance in the fashion world in Belgium and the USA. She will be offered a trip to New York with a professional Portofolio, to deposit it in various agencies, offered by Ezra Sierra Photographer. In addition, the winner will have the privilege of being the face of Qei+ Brussels for a year !!

~~ Top Black Belgium est un concours afin de donner l'opportunité à une jeune femme noire, métisse, de tenter sa chance dans le monde de la mode en Belgique et aux USA. Un voyage lui sera offerte en destination de New York avec un book photo professionnel offert par Ezra Sierra Photographer, afin de le déposer dans divers agences. De plus, la gagnante aura le privilège d'être l'égérie de Qei+ Bruxelles pendant une année!

Choose your experience

on Wednesday, 05 August 2015. Posted in Positive energy

By Ralph Marston

Today you can choose your experience. So what would you like to choose?

What if you could make today the most positive, productive, empowering and fulfilling day you’ve ever known? The beautiful truth is, you can. Experience life on your own terms, true to your highest standards, no matter what may be happening around you. Remember always that you are free to choose how to experience life, and free to choose what to make of it.
Choose to experience the beauty, the opportunities, the love and the most empowering possibilities. Imagine your ideal life, and choose to experience, right now, today, the best of what you imagine.


Inspo 1

on Wednesday, 05 August 2015. Posted in Inspiration, Positive energy

My current inspiration I Mon inspiration actuelle


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